What kind of installer are you?

When it comes to installing, you always do things the right way – your way! But how would you describe it: what kinds of qualities make you the installer you are? Fortunately, we have a quick profile test that answers that question and opens up new possibilities. Curious? Then let’s get started!
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Is your attitude towards brands…

Why pay more? What’s in it for me? Never change a winning team. The more innovation, the better.

What is your opinion to artificial intelligence…?

As long as it doesn’t cost much Can it replace my last intern? He sucked! Ready to commit Already half cyborg

Do you stick with a certain brand?

No – whatever is most profitable is the one for me No – I usually pick the product with the most added value for my job and customers Yes, I’m a one-brand man Not really – may the most innovative product win

Do you like innovative solutions that…

…come with savings …come with lots of innovative features …come with lots and lots of innovative features …can’t come with enough innovative features. Bring it on!

Choose your favourite weapon for the job

screwdriverscrewdriver smartphonesmartphone ruler and pencilruler and pencil laptoplaptop wrenchwrench calculatorcalculator

Does hands-on functionality play a more important role in your daily world than the latest innovation?

Yes. Its all about the functionality A product has to do more than "just work"

Would you consider yourself a digital native?

Kind of Yes Absolutely No, I’m a digital deity

Do you purchase mainly online or in-store?

I want a real person not some delivery drone. I prefer online to standing in line.

Do you often use online shops, social media and apps during your work?

Not really When the boss isn’t looking Almost always I’m so connected, it’s frightening

Are loyalty activities something that appeal to you?

Loyal-what? Yes, but the gift better not be some stupid USB stick. I’m a loyalty lover. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

How big of a theme is sustainability for you and your customers?

Themes like that are for hippies. Yes, but as long as it has something for me too. Very much so. Call me Captain Conservation.

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